The Redfest team

A woman massages the neck of a man sitting on a massage chair. His face is hidden by the chair but we can see from the corners of his eyes that he is smiling.Can you imagine how relaxed you would be if you had a massage Every. Single. Month? That’s some Hollywood megastar-level pampering, right?! I mean, look at the dude in this photo – see how blissed out he is – that is not even a fraction of how good you would feel. And you could actually have that, right here in Bristol, and what’s more it would be FOR FREE. All you have to do to be in with a chance of getting it is to enter the raffle in the healing field at Redfest.

Yes it’s true: the grand prize in the Redfest healing area raffle is one free massage each month for a whole year at any Bristol School of Massage And Bodywork student clinic! Also up for grabs are gift vouchers, bestselling books and more… if you have any kind of stress in your life (and who doesn’t) then you need to get involved. Tickets are only 50p – get yourself one, two or a great big handful from the healing area at the festival.