Two little girls in the skate park. One faces towards the camera and has a rainbow painted on her face. The other looks away from the camera towards a row of parked bicycles

The Redfest team

Redfest is a family festival and a great place to bring kids of all ages for a fun day out. But, as every parents knows, it is easy – and terrifying – to suddenly realise you can’t see them anywhere nearby. We don’t want that to spoil your family’s day, so we’ve worked really hard to improve the way we reunite parents and lost kids.

A big part of this is that we’ll be handing out free white wristbands that you can write your phone number on, and attach to your child’s wrist, or to a strap of their clothing if they don’t like having it on their arm. So if they do happen to wander off, our Lost Kids Officers or security team can easily get in touch with you to reunite your family.

You can pick up a wristband from the Lost Kids Tent (near the main stage) or from any crew member working in the Kids’ Village and we really encourage you to do so for our peace of mind as much as yours.

Just so you know, we’ve also completely reviewed our process for dealing with searching for missing children or finding the parents of unaccompanied children. We’ve improved the training we give to stewards, and this year for the first time we will have a dedicated Lost Kids Tent staffed by experienced, DBS-certified crew members. Of course, they will make sure that they properly identify any adult who comes to claim a lost child. And (because we know that some kids can be repeat offenders at that running-away malarkey…) we’ll be insisting that any child who is lost once wears a phone number wristband for the rest of the festival.

Have a great day on Saturday, and let’s work together to make it safe and happy for Redfesters of all ages!