The Redfest team

Redfest is delighted to announce that it’s headlines sponsors for 2017 will once again be Cafe Grounded and The Old Stillage.

Both of these staples of the Church Road social scene have been huge supporters of Redfest since its inception in 2008, and this year they will be the anchor points of the festival at either end of the high street.


Cafe Grounded opened in Redfield in 2008 and has since grown into having multiple cafes across Bristol. Each has its own welcoming and homely charm and is firmly embedded in the local community.

Redfest Creative Director Simon Webb says, “We were always welcome at Grounded from the get go. I remember being really excited about a proper coffee shop on Church Rd opening. (They didn’t serve alcohol for the first few months) A mutual friend Adam introduced me to Tobie and that’s where the first Redfest’s happened, along with The Stillage. We even had 8 channel experimental sound artists in Grounded one evening. ”

Katie Taylor, Marketing Manager at Cafe Grounded adds, “We’re thrilled to be sponsoring Redfest again this year – it’s such a lovely, community-centred festival that showcases Bristol’s independent and creative spirit.”


The Old Stillage is a renown pub in Redfield with its own personal character, and is easily identified with its Bristol street art decorated front. The pub is home to a selection of award winning beers and quality entertainment, where one can spend many a night at partying with their DJ’s and local band performances.

Nemo from The Old Stillage says. ‘What is Redfest,… it was a beginning, of a beginning. One that the ‘Stillage’ is very proud of being part of, and sponsoring. To watch the growth of the festival through the years and the development of the area. Makes you realise that with effort and creation, by people, anything can be achieved. Well done ‘Redfest Crew’ and management,… you know who you are!’

Redfest Creative Director Simon Webb adds, “I spent many good nights in there since, with The Big Lebowski night and Redfest after partied being highlights. I have hazy recollections of doing turtle cartwheels on my back on the dancefloor…..”

Details of the line up at each venue, and indeed the whole festival are currently under wraps, but keep your eyes peeled for announcements later in the year.