The Redfest team

At this year’s Redfest all our amazing food stalls will be serving delicious meals in Vegware fully compostable containers. Even the cutlery will be compostable.

There will be extra bins especially for food waste and compostable plates and cutlery. Remember to put your compostable places and cutlery in the same bin as the food waste.

Previously the food waste we make at Redfest has been dealt with the same as general waste and been sent to an incinerator. Our plates and cutlery has been cardboard or plastic and has been recycled. We hope that changing to compostable plates and cutlery will help reduce our general waste, improve our recycling, and help make Redfest more sustainable now and into the future.

If you have questions about what bin to put your waste in please ask a steward at the event. Thank you for helping Redfest become more sustainable!