The Redfest team

By Russ Spollin, Director Redfest CIC

Hello! I’m Russ, the sustainability manager and also one of the directors of Redfest Bristol. My role is to help us all work together to reduce the negative and increase the positive impacts that Redfest has on our environment and for our community.

I first came along to Redfest as a punter many moons ago before it was in the park. Years later I moved to East Bristol and wanted to get more involved with my local community. Redfest seemed like the perfect opportunity! I joined the team in 2014 and have been working hard ever since to make Redfest more sustainable.

The Redfest sustainability team have been busy pushing things forward over the years – We have solar powered staging, were one of the first Bristol community events to have reusable cups and a free drinking water bar, all our food is served on compostable plates, zero waste goes to landfill, plastic is only 2% of our waste, we champion local businesses who support fair trade, and we help train students in sustainable event management – that’s just some amazing stuff we’ve achieved, even more amazing when you consider we’re all volunteers and working with a very small or non existent budget!

This year we’re focusing on travel. How will you be traveling to Redfest? If you can, please leave the car at home and walk or cycle to the park. We have a new cycle hub area where you can safely park your bike and get involved with some fun cycling activities. By walking or cycling you will be helping to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce local air pollution, which is healthier not only for the environment but also everyone who lives or works or visits the wonderful Redfield and St George area that we all love.

I’ll be about on the day speaking to as many people as possible about sustainability. If you see me and would like to chat about anything sustainability related – such as how to reduce your waste, how to travel with less environmental impact, or find out how to get involved with the Redfest sustainability project – please do come and say hello.

Nice one! See you at Redfest!

Russ x