The Redfest team

by Anna Davis, Dancefest organiser.

With great music and a cheery party atmosphere it’s hard not to get your groove on at Redfest. I’m Anna Davis, director of South West Dance Theatre, and I manage the dance programme to make sure there’s always a great range of top notch performances and fun workshops from the crème de la crème of dance talent in Bristol, particularly from around St George and Redfield.

My first experience of Redfest was many years ago when my then boyfriend (now husband) moved near to the park. I loved the festival, had an absolute hoot but could see a space for showcasing more dance, and found the festival directors equally keen on the idea. We had our first stage dedicated to dance at Redfest 2016, and this aspect of the festival has been growing in popularity year on year.

Dance at Redfest is not just a spectator event. We always have a fantastic display of dance artists putting years – often decades – of training into practice from high-octane fast-tempo dance that has your pulse racing to the more lyrical that sings to your heartstrings. But alongside the performances a key part of the dance programme is the workshops where – regardless of prior experience or ability – you can get involved and learn some new moves for yourself if you want to.

This year our line-up includes performances and workshops in Bollywood, Soca, musical theatre, krump, break dancing, capoeira, commercial, ballet, African dance, belly dancing, as well as a taster from South West Dance Theatre’s production Being Romeo and Juliet, fusing contemporary with many of the other styles from the rest of the day – plenty to help you get your groove on whatever you’re into.

See you at the festival!