The Redfest team

By Alasdair Burns, Marketing Manager

We’re well into Volunteers’ Week now and all of the organising team at Redfest have been reflecting on the benefits we get from volunteering for this great community festival. We’ve already had a lovely blog post from our volunteer managers, Sophie and Sue, on how great volunteering for Redfest is, so I thought I’d provide a more general list of reasons to get out there and volunteer this year – if not for Redfest, then for another event or cause that brings you joy! (But if it did make you think you want to get involved in Redfest, you can apply to volunteer on the day or find out about more long term volunteering options in our Get Involved section!)

1. It can be great fun

Often overlooked in these kind of lists is the fact that the time you spend volunteering can be be really enjoyable! You get a lot back from volunteering for a lot of the reasons below!

2. It’s a great way to make new friends

Meeting like-minded people that you may not otherwise have met is always a good thing. When you volunteer for an event or cause that you want to support, you’ll meet other people who feel the same, and that can be a great foundation on which to build new relationships.

3. Learn new skills

Volunteering might give you some great learning opportunities if you challenge yourself to do something that you’ve not tried before. At Redfest, you’ll be supported by experienced volunteers if you choose to give something new a whirl!

4. Improve your CV

Those new skills you’ve learned? Great for the CV. In fact, employers are often looking for outside interests and experience to help differentiate applicants from one another. And volunteering for a community event (or other cause) certainly reads a lot better than “I enjoy socialising with friends.”

5. Make the most of what you do best

On the other hand, if you’re an established expert in your role – whether that be a stage manager, health and safety co-ordinator or even a marketing manager, why not take that knowledge and ability and put it straight back into…

6. Give back to the community

Volunteering in your area is a great opportunity to contribute. Taking Redfest as an example, it’s a free festival for everyone in the area to have a great day out while providing a platform for local musicians and performing artists, with the goal of bringing our amazing community together. But whatever cause you volunteer for in the community, you’re giving something back.

7. It’s good for your health

No really! Research shows that people who volunteer regularly are healthier and happier than those who don’t, so volunteering could be something to consider if you’re in need of a boost in either area.

8. That warm fuzzy feeling

It’s a bit hard to define, but knowing that you’ve helped support something you love or think is really important does make you feel great. It’s to do with endorphins I think. If you’ve not experienced that, you should try volunteering.

9. Perks and Merch

OK, this one doesn’t necessarily apply to every volunteer role, but if you volunteer to support the Redfest festival on the day you’ll receive a meal and a Redfest Crew t-shirt

10. Events and causes can’t run without volunteer support

As a final point – that cause you care passionately about or that free festival you love (which perhaps you really want to see back in St George Park this year) can’t run without volunteers. We completely appreciate that not everyone has the capacity to give their time for free, but if you do – even if it’s just for a few hours on the day of an event – you can help keep them available for everyone else.

Thanks for checking out these reasons to volunteer. Please consider volunteering for Redfest this year or, if you’re not able to volunteer, you can still help us keep the festival free for everyone and bring it back to St George Park by donating via the donate now button on the right of this page



Marketing Manager