The Redfest sustainability team (two men, two women, wearing green Redfest crew t shirts)

News from the Sustainability Team

It’s been almost a month since Redfest!

First of all, a big thank you to the Redfest team and YOU, our attendees, for getting behind Redfest Goes Green!

The festival may have finished for this year, but we in the Redfest Sustainability Team are still hard at work analysing data and working out how green Redfest was this year.

We still have a lot of information to go through and a fair few numbers to crunch, but we have already seen the positive impact that our solar powered stages and reusable cups have had, so a big thank you to Bristol 2015 and Green Goblets.

We will have some sustainability information for you soon so in the meantime we’d love to hear about what you thought of Redfest Goes Green.

Use the hashtag #RedfestGoesGreen on Twitter and Facebook to tell us what you thought of our sustainable initiatives, how you think we did and what we could do better next year to help us make Redfest Bristol’s most sustainable festival!

See you next year,

The Redfest Sustainability Team

(Pictured above at the All-Dayer, left to right: Anais, James, Russ and Jenny)

Kids learn about recycling at puppet workshop

As part of the run-up to the festival, Redfester Kirsty has been leading art workshops in local schools. Sticking with the environmental theme of Redfest we devised a workshop turning household items into puppets. Working with the year threes and fours in Bannerman Road Academy, we created some weird and wonderful characters from kitchen sponges and then created small performances. We wanted to show how easy it is to transform normal everyday objects into something new – encouraging the idea of recycling and the endless possibilities of the mundane.

Here are Sonia, Zainab and Ellouise with their funny puppets!

Three young girls proudly hold puppets made of recycled household items up to the camera. The puppets are furry and have wiggly legs.

Our cup deposit system: how it works

We’re always looking to find new ways to make ourselves more sustainable and help out the environment by reducing our impact on it. This is why we have teamed up with Green Goblet Ltd to ensure that we reduce our use of single-use plastics by providing reusable drinks cups for our attendees at Redfest 2015.

It’s a very simple concept with just five easy steps:

  1. Make your way over to the bar
  2. Order your drink of choice
  3. Pay a £1 deposit for your reusable cup
  4. Enjoy your chosen beverage whilst soaking up the Redfest atmosphere (this is easily the most important bit!)
  5. Return to the bar with your empty cup and receive your £1 deposit back (or, take your cup home with you and use it again and again)

Voila! It’s as easy as that!

This is just one of the many ways that we’re making Redfest a greener festival and with the help of you: the wonderful people of Bristol, we know that we can make it happen!

Check out more information on our commitment to sustainability

A selection of resusable plastic cups

Redfest cuts plastic use with reusable cups

Redfest is committed to reducing waste – not just because of this year’s “green” theme but also because we just believe that looking after the environment is really important. You can read all about how we’ve integrated sustainability throughout the festival but one thing we want to flag up in particular is that this year for the first time we’re going to be using reusable plastic cups at all our bars and food and drink stalls.

We’re really excited about this for two reasons. Number one, it’s better for the planet and will help us cut our use of plastics at the festival by a really significant amount. And number two, reusable cups are far sturdier than the wibbly wobbly throwaway ones, and that means more drink goes into our bellies and less onto our trousers when we’re dancing! That’s the kind of “eco-friendly” we can really get on board with and we hope you will too.

The most sensational inspirational show

Hey, we know it’s not always easy being green. If you’re the same age as me, then back at the start of the eighties The Muppet Show was probably the centre of your world, like it was mine. Everyone loved the bad puns, parodies, and fantastic musical numbers, watching as an exasperated Kermit The Frog tried to keep it all together.

Perhaps that’s why I feel so at home working on Redfest… in a strange way we’re like that motley crew of misfits putting on a performance – and doing it every year on a shoestring. We’re not doing it for money, it’s hard work at times, but we love it. We hope you do too. Just don’t ask which one of us is Kermit, and which one is Gonzo…

Anyway. Even if it’s not easy, we are determined to be as green as we can be, and if you want to know how, check out our Sustainability page. If (even better) you have some ideas about we could do be greener, or want to help, please contact us. Or if you just want to hear Kermit sing his song, then here you go…

Redfest goes green

Inspired by Bristol’s selection as European Green Capital 2015, the festival’s theme this year will be “Redfest goes green!” (No, not “Greenfest”… we’re still in Redfield after all!)

We’re working hard to reduce the festival’s impact on the environment (learn more about this) and to include sustainability-themed fun in the line-up. If you’ve got ideas about what we could do, tell us about them on Facebook or Twitter!