A sheaf of Redfest 2015 programmes

Pick up a programme!

Redfest 2015 programmes are now available to buy in a range of shops, cafes and venues in the Redfield/St George area. Pick one up next time you’re out and about, and discover what delights await you at the festival! Also included: some fun facts about how the festival is getting greener, and full instructions on the new reusable cup system.

A bargain at just two quid (and many local retailers will also accept Bristol Pounds, if you want to keep it proper local!). All proceeds go directly to funding this year’s Redfest.

PS: If you own a business and you’d like to stock some programmes on a sale or return basis, drop a line to info@redfestbristol.co.uk.


Web administrator and volunteer manager for Redfest Bristol