The front of the Old Stillage pub in Church Road, Bristol

Another reason to <3 The Old Stillage!

Lovely food, great music and real ales… you might think the Old Stillage pub on Church Road already has everything it needs to be your favourite pub in Redfield or even the world. But then they only go and become our second headline sponsor and so there’s even more reason to love the pub and its landlord Nemo! (That’s him in the photo, by the way, standing proudly by the door.)

The Stillage is a long-time friend of Redfest, and last year hosted music during the day and a jam-packed after party in the evening where revellers and crew alike danced until we melted!

The “Behind the Bookcase” restaurant has recently been taken over by a new chef and you really should try the new menu, which includes absolutely delicious Sunday lunches and fantastic vegan and vegetarian options.

And don’t forget the pool table and comfy sofas… the Stillage is a great place to meet up with friends old and new, and if you see the Redfest team in there having one of our very important meetings, pop over and say hi.

We don’t charge for entry to festival so we rely on generous support from sponsors such as the Stillage to help cover the costs of essential stuff like toilets, power, and generators.

If you have a business and you’d like to find out more about supporting Redfest, email and we’ll be happy to talk through details about the different ways you can help, the pricing range, and what you’ll get in return (as well as a warm fuzzy feeling).

If you’d just like to donate money you can do that using the PayPal donation button on every page of this website, and we will love you very much.


Web administrator and volunteer manager for Redfest Bristol