Little Treasures to sponsor Kids’ Village

We are really pleased to announce that Little Treasures toy shop will sponsor the Kids’ Village at Redfest 2016.

Little Treasures is an independent toy shop right next to St George Park, offering a wide range of party bag and pocket money toys, as well as craft kits and wooden toys. It’s priced so that kids can go in and spend their own pocket money on stuff, so that they can get exactly what they love and learn about the value of money at the same time.

This is the first time that a brand has specifically sponsored an area of the festival and it shows how we can work with our sponsors to tailor make a package that works for them. So if you have a business and would like to discuss ideas about how you could be affiliated with Bristol’s best free festival and reach an audience of many thousand potential new customers, email and we’d love to discuss options with you.


The Redfest team