Redfest will be hosting a brand new Refill water bar, with Bristol’s finest on tap for free. Remember to bring your own bottle!

Plastic water bottles cause mountains of litter and waste at festivals like Redfest – but with a water bar on site there’s no need to buy water, you can healthily hydrate for free.

Refill Bristol is the city’s free tap-water refill scheme. More than 200 venues have now signed up as Refill stations, where you can pop in and rehydrate for free. The focus is now on encouraging people to remember to carry a reusable bottle rather than buying single-use plastic bottled drinks that literally cost the earth.

For many people the act of remembering to carry a reusable bottle is part of the challenge. So the message is clear – bring a refillable bottle with you to Redfest or buy a Refill Bristol one when you are there. The cool, durable stainless steel bottles are half the price you’ll find online – at just £10 – and it will last you a lifetime. City to Sea and WaterAid all get money from the sale of the bottles and there also the chance to win a few of these on the day.