It blew me away

To be honest, I am in awe of Redfest.

True that I started it, nurtured it along its journey and put a lot of work into it. But so many people work really hard on now and it really, really shows.

This year was exceptional. Surely the best yet?

Beyond the great music and activities and food and markets, it’s amazing to see so many people having a great time. For me, putting on a good party is as good a social policy as anything else!

When I look back on the Redfest journey, it’s really come so far. From 30 people in Grounded for nightly events to 5,000 people in a park!

Back in the mists of time it was a week long series of arts events – in Cafe Grounded mainly, as well as Bethesda.

We had Studio Ghibli film screenings, short animation night (aided by then local resident Dance Borthwick from The Bolex Brothers), experimental music night (I Am The Mighty Jungulator), as well as music and kids’ events. It all culminated in a music all-dayer at Grounded in the garden with acts like My Two Toms and Katie Brooks as well as local trumpeter  David Mowat. And now it’s grown to include big names like Laid Blak.

One of the big things I’ve learnt is having the right people on board. That personalities that are different complement each other often, and need each other. It’s a collaboration of ideas and skills.

Here’s to more collaboration and creation, and to different skills!

Awesome, Just AWESOME.

A crowd of people sit on the grass and watch the show. There are many families. Behind are trees and tennis courts.
What Redfest looked like in 2011
What Redfest looked like in 2015
What Redfest looked like in 2015

The most sensational inspirational show

Hey, we know it’s not always easy being green. If you’re the same age as me, then back at the start of the eighties The Muppet Show was probably the centre of your world, like it was mine. Everyone loved the bad puns, parodies, and fantastic musical numbers, watching as an exasperated Kermit The Frog tried to keep it all together.

Perhaps that’s why I feel so at home working on Redfest… in a strange way we’re like that motley crew of misfits putting on a performance – and doing it every year on a shoestring. We’re not doing it for money, it’s hard work at times, but we love it. We hope you do too. Just don’t ask which one of us is Kermit, and which one is Gonzo…

Anyway. Even if it’s not easy, we are determined to be as green as we can be, and if you want to know how, check out our Sustainability page. If (even better) you have some ideas about we could do be greener, or want to help, please contact us. Or if you just want to hear Kermit sing his song, then here you go…